Youth Soccer

League Coordinator: Rhea Deyo   [email protected]

WYSR Soccer will be participating this season in the Civic League. This is a league in which other area's recreational teams participate, they consist of Harpursville, Port Dick, Port Crane, Harpursvillec, etc. 

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Soccer Complex Map
   An easier, more effecive way to communication with parents....

We will begin using the team snap application to communicate information regarding practice schedules, games time/dates, set reminders, parents can let coaches know player availability, as well as a host of other information. Please download this free app to your phone in advance of the season so that you can always be “in the know”! You may also sign up with & access teamsnap online at If you do not have a smart phone, or internet access, let your league coordinator or coach know and they’ll be sure you have the information you need.